Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn


I’ve slacked on the number of books I’ve been reading recently, partly due to the lack of time, and I’ve re-found a balance between my work, my reading and my yoga again! So happy! After almost 8 years of regular yoga, I do feel my hips very tight recently, due to the non-stretching. And these two weeks of re-establishing my regular yoga sessions do feel like heaven! It’s really uncomfortable walking around with a stiff back, and especially my tight upper thighs… all the stretching do loosen the muscles up heaps!

I’ve ordered ‘A Place to call Home’ and ‘The Arrow’ from Book Depository, and then one week later ordered 6 other books from Open Trolley, and you know what, I was planning to receive ‘The Arrow’ so soon that it was so disappointing I haven’t got them now! It’s been one month! Whereas the other books from Open Trolley had been delivered already. Anyway, Book Depository was awfully good about it, they had re-dispatched the same two books to me, and hopefully I can receive them soon, since my workplace is relocating like within the week. If I still don’t get the books before the relocation, they’ll probably be lost to me forever:( Fingers crossed! And in that event, I hope Book Depository will allow a refund.

Anyway, I’ve just spent three days reading Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn. Here, a group of terrorists had taken the White House and many of the high-elite politicians hostage, and while demanding things from the Vice President Baxter, who’s completely incompetent and indecisive, the terrorists have plans to secretly and literally bust the President from his safe place, for their final demand. Again, we witness how politics play a huge part in deciding whether or not to give in to the terrorists’ demands, and how Mitch Rapp together with a civilian Milt Adams got into the White House for reconnaissance— not a small feat at all,considering the layers and layers of bombs placed in the White House. I’m impressed with President Hayes— his decisiveness and his leadership. Being able to take charge in such an urgent situation, standing by his policies and trying to do the right thing when both choices may bring upon disastrous consequences are probably the essential skills to a great leader.

We also saw how Mitch met Anna, his future wife. I like Anna, she’s stunningly beautiful ( Is there ever a book which features plain-looking girls as heroines?), fiercely independent, brave, and yet will admit she’s in the wrong when she realizes her mistakes. Having read future books in this series, I’m sad that Anna and her unborn son will be dead at a terrorist’s hand further down the series. I mean, come on, Mitch deserves a good family to go back to after he accomplishes his heroic feats! Then again, maybe the author intended him to be lonely throughout his life (so sad right?) But I love Mitch and this series, and I will continue reading until I’ve finished all the books from the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn.

I’m also very in love with the young Mitch. I started reading Mitch Rapp books somewhere in the middle of the series, when Anna had died and he was older and more experienced, and it was so surprising to see the younger version of him here.

Altogether, a fully action-packed book..and thoroughly hard to put down! Will definitely re-read again!

Rating: 5/5


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