Remember When by Judith McNaught


Cole Harison was a stable boy for one of Diana Foster’s friends. They met when they were teenagers and I love to see them when they were young— Cole for being the mysterious, hard-to-get, ruggedly handsome college guy whom the other girls were trying all kinds of schemes to get his attention. He found Diana refreshingly different from all the other snobbishly spoilt and rich girls however. Diana was a beauty, a thoughtful, responsible and non-snobbish girl. As with her friends, she had a major crush on Cole but didn’t act on it, as she knew they were not meant to be together.

Due a hated misunderstanding, Cole was thrown out of the stables. He became a CEO of his own company through sheer hard work, his brilliance and his known cold hearted-ness. He was forced to take a wife for financial reasons and chose Diana as a temporary wife, which would benefit both of them, as Diana had recently been jilted by her fiance, and needed this marriage to keep her magazine’s subscribers.

As I mentioned, I loved them when they were young, but as the book progressed, the plot seemed to lose me, probably due to the cold tone of the words. In their adult lives, they married each other despite not knowing each other well. After a few conversations they fell in love with each other?

It’s an okay book, but not as riveting as I remembered. However, I recalled ‘Perfect’ as a memorable plot. I’ve ordered it in, and couldn’t wait to start reading. The only conflict will be upon the arrival of the books, should I start with ‘The Arrow’, or ‘A Place to Call Home’ or ‘Perfect’ or the other books I couldn’t resist purchasing lol. Hehe hopefully I can devour them slowly!

Rating: 3.5/5


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