Baby Love by Catherine Anderson


Rafe Kendrick was a man destroyed after his wife and children were killed in an accident. He couldn’t function and almost tried to kill himself— so great was his grief. Instead, he started drinking heavily to numb himself and when he was at his lowest, he met Maggie, a young girl with a newborn son who was abused by her stepfather and had run away from him.

Rafe was a man who fell in love fast, but once he fell it’s a deep love and he would do anything to protect Maggie, her son and her young sister. He fell in love with her courage and her strength, and in order to protect them from her jealous and abusive stepfather, he had to pull himself out of it. He returned back to his family (the Kendricks were a very wealthy affluent family, and they were loving and honourable too). I love Rafe, his brother Ryan, his loving and protective father Keefe (who reminded me of Linda Howard’s Wolf McKenzie) and his mother Ann. I love how much Rafe loved Maggie—so patient with Maggie when she’s very traumatised about sex (she’s being sexually abused by her stepfather), how he almost died to keep her safe. In his heart, when his wife Susan died, he almost couldn’t go on with life, and when he found Maggie, he would rather die than let anything happen to her.

Again, another compelling hero created by Catherine Anderson, who’s very humanly loving and tough, but everything was so realistic— his love, his fears and his strengths. I love this book, and I can’t wait to read about his brother Ryan in ‘Phantom Waltz’.

Rating: 5/5


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