Annie’s Song by Catherine Anderson


As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve read this book more than 10 years ago, and I’ve recently splurged on a Book Haul which I will post more about soon..and I’ve gone crazy and got so many books online!

Catherine Anderson’s books are so much different to many romance authors, of course each author is different in her or his own genre, the style and the writing, and I love all Catherine’s books too, which I haven’t read all of, but I will try my best!:)

Annie, a deaf girl who had been misunderstood by the town as ‘simple’, ‘a moron’…simply put, just an idiot, was raped by Douglas, and got pregnant. Douglas’ brother Alex, tried to be responsible by marrying her, and in the process of living together, realised that she’s a very lovely girl, and not ‘simple’ at all, and fell in love with her. He gave her lessons, danced with her, made love with her…Most people, even Dr. Muir had advised Alex to send Annie away after the birth of her child so that she could learn to be ‘normal’, and to learn to read and write. Believing that he was doing so for her own good, although it broke both their hearts to part with each other, he did send her away to school.

Alex was a very responsible, sweet and handsome man. This book is not your typical manage-to-do-everything hard and possessive guy, rather a good man who tried to do what was right and fell in love with the town misfit. It was so tender and heart-aching, the way he wooed Annie, how patient he was with her, how he taught her sign language so they could communicate. It was also so touching and I felt so sad for him when he believed he made the right choice by sending Annie away to school, even though he realised she might make other friends and might meet and love another there. He did so because he loved her too much to try to restrict her. I love Annie too, she’s a very kind and strong person, she’s innocent but not annoyingly naive. She loved Alex very much, and moved me to tears when she tried to beg Alex to let her return home from school, in the letters she painstakingly wrote him (she learnt how to read and write in school). She loved mice and fed the attic mice, and when she was gone Alex did not want to capture and kill the mice even thought they are pests, as he feared he might capture one of her ‘favourites’.

In regard to school, only one difficulty had arisen thus far; when Annie spoke in sign, she was making many of the hand motions incorrectly.

Nothing serious, just slight variances. Annie’s teacher said that, given the situation, Alex had done a wonderful job of tutoring her. It was a simple case of his having misinterpreted the instructions in the manuals, a common enough occurrence, and one that was usually easily rectified. Annie, however, refused to cooperate, explaining to her teacher, over and over, that if she began making the signs differently, then Alex wouldn’t be able to understand her anymore.

That brought tears to Alex’s eyes.

A very tender and heart-warming love story.

Rating: 5.5/5 (If such a rating is possible! :p)


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