Sarah’s Child by Linda Howard


Rome Matthew was a man whose wife and two young boys died in an accident. He was an emotionally-wrecked man who had erected a strong barrier around his heart due to the pain he’s suffered. Sarah, a good friend of his now dead-wife, loved him secretly even before Rome was married, and supported him silently when he buried his wife and sons.

I don’t know how to comment on this book, except their love must be so strong. It’s startling to learn that Rome was attracted to Sarah before he married Diane, but he stayed loyal to Diane and he loved her. To me, in a love story, shouldn’t the man be only be attracted to his wife? That’s the one thing I absolutely wanted to see in a book (which I know sounds cynical— but plenty of men stray in real life). After his family’s death, Rome found his attraction to Sarah so strong that he proposed marriage to her, which she accepted because she knew this was second best to what she could have. She knew that she could never have Rome’s heart, but at least being married to him made her happy.

Rome eventually learned to love Sarah, but he still refused to have kids as the death of his two boys had given him such a big blow. This is another part which made me feel so.. so…sad for Sarah. He wanted her to go for an abortion, but she refused, and she had to do everything herself during her entire pregnancy…no help from Rome whatsoever. Such a sacrifice she made for him!

The moment when Rome hugged his new daughter finally and cried his heart out while mourning for his dead sons brought me to tears.

This story is hauntingly beautiful, requires a huge sacrifice especially from Sarah, but was so heart achingly sad that I may not re-visit for a long time (although the ending is undoubtedly good:) )

Rating: 4/5

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