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I’ve spent the better part of yesterday reading Duncan’s Bride and Sarah’s Child, both by Linda Howard, and these two books brought all my memories of precious romance novels I used to read back in high school. It had been more than TEN long years (12 years to be exact) since I read them ( I remembered a phase back then when I absolutely devoured all the romances I could get hold of— before my phase of love for crime thrillers began), and added to that my personal habit of skipping heart-wrenching parts), I only remembered parts and pieces of the books which I’ve read. I’m still trying to get over this habit, but to me… I really don’t want to read about how the hero and the heroine tortured each other misunderstanding each other! And lo and behold, after many months (and sometimes yes! years—how annoying!) of realising they couldn’t do without each other, they learnt that everything was just a big misunderstanding after all… and yes, that’s the gist of a romance story afterall. What am I complaining about? Anyway, there’re so many novels I wanted to re-visit again:

By Catherine Anderson:

1) Annie’s Song — I remember this is such a poignant love story, so untypical of most!

2) Seventh Heaven— All these years the hero held such a big place in my heart I couldn’t forget about him. I couldn’t recall the plot, all I know is I had to read it again, and after googling around I finally found the name of this book.

3) Baby Love

4) Phantom Waltz

5) Always In my Heart

6) Sweet Nothings

7) Only By your Touch

8) Sun Kissed

9) Keegan’s Lady

By Judith McNaught:

1) Almost Heaven

2) Someone To Watch Over me

3) Perfect

4) Paradise

5) Whitney, My Love

6) Until You

7) Once and Always

I don’t know if you understand how I feel, suddenly I feel the urge to find these books and re-read them again. And since it was such a long time ago, the titles were really familiar but the plots were jumbled up in my head. I’m sure there’s still many books written by  these authors which I’ve read but haven’t recalled.

And then there’s this book which had haunted me for years. All I can remember is the boy of a town drunk who’s looked down on by everyone. One fine day, someone picked on him again which was witnessed by a young girl from a well-established family. From then onwards, she fought her battles for him whenever he’s picked on, and having being abused all his life, he was wary of her at first, but eventually protected her like he’s part of her life.

‘Tell me you love me, even if you don’t mean it.’ ‘I love you.’

This was what the girl said to him when they were both so young. When the boy’s father tried to violate her one day, he had to kill his own father in order to protect her. The girl’s family turned on him for his father’s wrong-doings and he was forced to leave town. Fast forward many years later, they had still not forgotten each other. The boy had made a millionaire out of himself, and the girl had become a journalist (if I didn’t recall wrongly). I remembered when they met each other again as adults, even then, being a 16-year old young girl, I still felt like crying when he told her he’s always been tracking the articles she’s written over the years, always watching her from a distance.

This plot haunted me, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember the names of both the hero and heroine, the author or the title of the book at all! I spent hours googling, and eventually my sister (who introduced me into Romance books in the first place) came up with the title within 5 minutes! ‘A Place to Call Home’ by Deborah Smith. I’ve placed an order for this book, and I know it’ll always have a special meaning in my heart.

I just had a secret yearning that work and life wouldn’t interfere, I can read them all the time, but as of now I’ll just try to enjoy them whilst I can:)

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