Highland Scoundrel (Campbell Trilogy #3) by Monica McCarty


The 3rd book in the Campbell Trilogy series. I’ve waited 2 days before i started reading it, again because I know I want to..nah..need to finish the whole book within one seating and it’ll be my off day today.

I started off really excited because the beginning seems promising already. Duncan Campbell, who was mentioned in the previous two books for his guilt of treason, was back after 10 long years to prove his innocence. He requested help from Jeannie Gorden to gain evidence to prove that he was framed back then. 

I loved the Duncan when he was young. Yes he was born a bastard, and had to work harder than most (certainly more than his brothers) to prove his worth, and he was just starting to achieve what he wanted when he met the beautiful Jeannie Gordon, whom he, the hard, serious, heart-tuggingly (I don’t think such a word exists ? :P) handsome warrior fell in love with. It’s sweet to read how he gave his heart to her without any of the drama so expected in other books. However, when he was framed for treason and lost everything he achieved, he believed Jeannie was the one who betrayed him. I love the flashback of their love 10 years ago! I have to admit I’ve skipped many pages though— I skipped the circumstances on how he ‘discovered’ her betrayal, knowing it’ll bring me sadness that was not relevant, and I was so excited to know how the plot proceeded, I didn’t think this ‘betrayal’ details were important!

Forwarded to ten years later, he discovered his love for her was as present as ever and vice versa. It’s a bit difficult for me to say, but I was a bit disappointed in how he reacted to her towards the end of the book. I do love reading about his struggles to acknowledge his love for her, still present 10 years later, and how protective he was towards her, how kind he was towards her children and how honourable a man he was. When she finally relented to telling him that her child belonged to him though, I really expected him to be very apologetic over the way he left her so many years ago, and from there onwards their love was so strong that they exceeded all difficulties right till the very end. Maybe I was expecting a very sweet heart-breakingly sweet reunion (and a rather predictable one), but this wasn’t what I anticipated.

Overall, I would rate this 4/5, probably due to the fact I didn’t like Duncan’s reactions to finding out the truth. In fact, I think he should be grovelling at Jeannie’s feet and begging for forgiveness and mercy! However, I think once I re-read a few times I would like it better, just like recently I’ve been re-reading #The Saint from the Highland Guard series, and I love it now! I love Magnus’ tender and kind personality, and how sweet he was to Helen (including keeping and preserving the roses she’s given him so many years ago albeit he was teased mercilessly by the other warriors). I do love both Duncan and Jennie though! Jeannie is such a kind and strong female.

On a side note though, I wonder if the Campbells in this series are the descendants of the Campbells in the Highland Guard series? I hope not! In the latter, I love that Arthur Campbell had forged a friendship with Gregor McGregor (they have captured my heart)—- again my The Rock comes to mind hehe. In this series the McGregors were outlaws and many had died, especially in the previous book. So sad!

Anyway, I hope to get my hands on the McLeod series soon! 🙂 


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