Highland Warrior (Campbell Trilogy #1) by Monica McCarty


After finishing #The Raider of the Highland Guards series by Monica McCarty, and realising that http://www.betterworldbooks.com doesn’t have #The Arrow in stock at the moment, I was sorely disappointed and still considering if I’ll be purchasing this to-be-sought-after book from Amazon, or…just wait till it’s listed by betterworldbooks….or to borrow it from the library. Anyway, since I figured that delivery may take up to 1 month if it’s to be purchased online, I reckon I’ll contain my excitement for now and turn to another series by this revered author.

Which comes to, the Highland Warrior of Campbell Trilogy #1. The novel started out slowly, with Jamie Campbell, the infamous law-enforcer chancing upon the attractive Caitrina Lamont. He rescued her from a tree (which she was stuck in, for rescuing a puppy)—- a positive start already, and went on to how he was one of the men who wanted to participate in the Games to win her hand (he had another agenda, which I will not go into now). Unfortunately, it went downhill from there. Jamie struck me as the typical Highlander— handsome, honourable, possessive and attractive. However, Caitrina had me grinding my teeth. I hated her ignorance and her spoiltness (I don’t think such a word exists— but you get my drift). I could hardly turn the pages, and a spoilt and haughty female lead was not my idea of the heroine in a romance novel. Hence, I decided to go back to  #The Saint again!!— to dive myself back into a good romance pairing again, and there upon called it a night.

Perhaps, one day in the future I may re-read and finish this book, and may come to a different conclusion. But at this moment, I was disappointed in this book.

Rating:2.5/5 ( I only read a quarter— didn’t even manage to finish it).

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