The Raider (The Highland Guard Series) by Monica McCarty


The 8ve book in the series. Robert “Raider” Boyd had never hated anything more than the English and when he managed to capture the Clifford’s daughter Lady Rosalin Clifford, his feelings for her tempered with his hatred for her brother (her brother was his greatest enemy), and to getting the financial gains he was tasked by Bruce in order for the war to proceed in Bruce’s favour.

This book is typical of the other books in the Highland Guard Series— tender and touching. We caught a glimpse of Robert— a philosophical and well-read man who would be happy being a farmer had the War not taken place.  Despite being the strongest man in Scotland, he’s always gentle to Rosalin and he fell in love with her about mid-way in the book (a relief! Phew! I did love #The Ranger, but it was taking Arthur too long to realise his love for Anna).

The beginning of the book was slow though, I couldn’t withstand myself from skipping from the 20th page to mid-book to see if the progression was good. Once I’m at the end I went back to where I stopped again. Lady Rosalin impressed me with her kindness, even to her enemies. I don’t think I would have done what she did if I were in the same circumstances! Sigh, that’s real life indeed, but I digress.

At the very end, Robert did something so romantic which made me smile, I mean, the strongest man in Scotland being romantic?

I’m sad that Sir Alex decided enough is enough and left the Highland Guards though. I was hoping for their differences to be worked out, and he could have a book devoted to him (Although in the previous books I had the impression he married Isabella’s daughter, but I might have misunderstood). It’s been 7 years fighting in the Guard! How could this happen?! Yet I do feel sad that he’s always been the outsider since many of the other Guards had always viewed him as English, never to be trusted, although he had bled for the same cause as them.

Overall,I like this book, although it didn’t leave me as deep an impression as #The Ranger or #The Viper. Thus, I’m not sure other than I do like it, what else I had to say about it. But knowing me, I’ll re-read it again and again before having the time to read another new one, and I may have gained a new perspective by then.

I’m off to order the whole set of Highland Guard series from, but by the time the books arrived it might have taken 2 months goodness me! And I’m just starving for more books in this series! Hopefully, as I mentioned in the previous post, I hope there would be a book about Elizabeth and Thommy too, she looked like she’s pining for him here. By the way, there’s good news for Magnus and Helen!! happy for them! I guess by announcing this it’s like a BIG spoiler!! But I couldn’t help it!

Rating: 4/5

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