The Knight (The Highland Guard Series) by Monica McCarty


The 7.5th book of the series. A short one, as I could finish it within 2 hours. The Black Douglas, a very ambitious knight under King Bruce knew that in order to restore Bruce to the throne and restore the fallen Douglas name, there was no place for tenderness, not even to Joanna Dicson, his childhood sweetheart who had loved him all her life, and given him everything she had.

Joanna had been warned by her good friend, Thommy that their good friend in the past (Douglas) was no longer the man she loved, that he would only marry for alliance and he would never marry beneath his station and would never make a wife out of her. However, she believed in Douglas when no one would and this led to a series of heartbreaks.

Oh I hate Douglas! He had taken Joanna’s love too much for granted and said so many things to hurt her it was teeth-grinding.

“She sure looked like someone.” Randolph gave him a shrewd look. “Have a care, Douglas. My uncle has big plans for you.”

James’s mouth hardened. He didn’t need Randolph to warn him. “She’s only the marshal’s daughter. A lass I’ve known since I was a child. It’s nothing.”


So hurtful! This is only one of the least hurtful things he said. And this is for the woman who had given him everything! In my opinion, he suffered too shortly before she gave in (probably due to the length of the book— it might not make much sense for the author to devote 200 pages for him wooing her back)… but it was sure jarring to me that she forgave him too easily. Or maybe I’m just a stubborn and unforgiving person.

This book however, mentioned Thommy who left to make a name for himself because he couldn’t stand Elizabeth (Douglas’s sister) treating him like  just a brother, and he knew that she would never marry beneath her station too (he’s the blacksmith’s son). There was a slight mention of Elizabeth waiting for a glance of someone (hint: him?) in The Raider, and I really hope there will be a book on them soon. I mean, he seemed such a manly and honourable person. What’s there not to like?!

Overall rating: 3/5 (Probably because I don’t take to Douglas at all)

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