The Ranger (The Highland Guard Series) by Monica McCarty


The 3rd story in the series. This book is about Arthur Campbell who ‘failed’ his training in the first book and was forced to leave the Highland Guards. Actually, known only to the King Bruce and Tor, he was to be a spy in the English. This time, instead of spying from the sidelines, King Bruce sent him into the heart of his enemy Lorn’s keep. However, he fell in love with Lorn’s daughter Anna. Anna was a very perceptive girl who shared her father’s burden but still maintained a very optimistic and fresh outlook on life. She was requested by her father to spy on Arthur, and in the process of doing so fell in love with him. The story told of how Arthur loved her and tried his best to control himself—- but failed, and how two persons from two sides of a war managed to find their way back to each other.

 Arthur is so sweet! He’s actually a lonely person, set aside by his gifts (his keen sense of feeling, and he can snatch arrows out of the air before anyone else can react)—  many people found that creepy, and his leaving the Guards so early. He’s also fiercely protective, and he’ll do so many things to keep Anna happy. At one point, he killed 9 of his men trying to protect Anna and her brother. Imagine the self-hatred! And when he was caught and tortured all he could think about was Anna.

 The verses I love most from this book were so many, but— 

‘the man who’d once looked at the door as though he wanted to leave had found the place he belonged. And in a world where peace was as fragile as a silver of glass, Anna had found her rock.’

— so got me! The things which Arthur would do for Anna and vice versa, the things they endured just kept me in tears for much of the plot. However, all is good in the end! I love love love this story! And have read it so many times in the past few days just to remind myself that Arthur had the happy ending he so deserved.

 Rating: 5/5

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