Hmmm…I can’t believe I’m on my 7th book of the series already! Trying to savour my time for the rest, but as I’ve mentioned I’m just so looking forward to #The Arrow!

Ewen Lamont ‘Hunter’ was tasked to make sure the Italian nun ‘Sister Genna’ delivered the message properly which upon seeing the ‘nun’ he found himself ashamedly attracted to her. And once he found out her true identity as Janet of Mar, he’s even angrier! Yet he was requested by the King to find her, as she’s disappeared.

Hunter had been kept pretty quiet in the previous 6 books. All I know about him was he’s basically inept at conversations, does not speak more than a few words strung together…and that’s it!! In his very warrior-ish mind, being a warrior requires bluntness, directness and none of the flowery or sweet words given by men. However, in this novel his lack of communication skills did bring a lot of humour to the reader aka me! Haha, although it wasn’t as funny as #The Recruit.

Janet for the most part was frustrating to me as she kept rushing headlong into dangerous situations, which she should have known better! Over-confident and irritating I find her sometimes, yet I admire her confidence in knowing that Ewen was interested in her, and in her verbal skills to manipulate people she met into giving her what she wanted. But oh well, this is a unique female character, different from many historical romances I’ve seen, and I must keep an open mind!

While reading the struggles in Ewen’s mind between marrying her and trying to provide for his clan, I kept trying to predict how this very difficult situation could be resolved without a horrible ending. But somehow Monica McCarthy always has a way to get everything tied up nicely.

I find Ewen such a sweet and adorable person, especially during the times when he didn’t even realise Janet was jealous. And yes, now that I thought about it, Janet was very good for him; you need someone glib to bring a good balance to someone silent after all!

I felt for Ewen’s struggles and pain, felt for Janet’s pains and was very touched when Ewen realised that he could give everything up for Janet, even his land (which he had limited amounts of and trying to regain) and received the full wrath of the King. And I was very touched with the unity and loyalty of the other Guards when they refused to allow the King to kick Ewen out of the Highland Guards.  I have to say the same thing as with all the other books in the series: I love it!

Tears swelled in her eyes when he dropped to his knee at her feet. He took her hand and looked into her eyes. “I’m sorry for lying to you. I should have told you the truth. I’m sorry for not holding you in my arms after we made love and telling you how much I loved you. I’m sorry for not having enough courage to fight for us, for not doing whatever it took to make you my wife. I thought I’d lost everything, but none of it mattered without you. I know I can’t change things or make it up to you, but I promise I will try for the rest of my life if you will agree to be my wife.”

Janet stood there in stunned silence. Their roles, it seemed, had been reversed. The man who always said the wrong thing had expressed himself beautifully, and the woman who always knew what to say couldn’t seem to find her tongue.


Rating: 4.5/5

Now… on with #The Knight! When I have the time to read through everything in one sitting again!!

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