The Hawk (The Highland Guard Series) by Monica McCarty


The 2nd book in the series, this story revolves around MacSorley ‘Hawk’ and Ellie, the daughter of the enemy. Honestly, I didn’t read the whole book, not because it wasn’t good! But being on a late-night binge on McCarty after finishing ‘The Chief’, I was just too tired and I thought to skip till 3rd quarter of the way before returning to where I left off (yes I have an annoying habit to read the start of a book, then skip to the end, and returned from the middle), once I skipped though, I just kept reading to the end. After which, I was so happy from the eventual happy ending I didn’t wanna break my heart reading through their struggles (which defeats the purpose of reading the book), but I’ll bet once I’ve gone through the entire series and is Highland Guard- deprived, I’ll re-read this again.

 From what I’ve read from the beginning, MacSorley was a very good-natured person who used jokes and his superficial charm to hide his true vulnerabilities, while Ellie was the only person not impressed by his charm. He was an adventurous seafarer who was never afraid of any challenges, and although Ellie was a more serious person (she had to take care of her siblings since many years ago), he brought out the adventurous-ness in her. At the end of the book, the love for her was so evident in MacSorley, he went from a laughing, charming person to a thinner, meaner and not as full of laughter, due to her absence. What caused the absence will have to be found out by the readers! Although I didn’t read this book fully, I love MacSorley as he seemed so good-natured and he’s so loyal to Ellie; he’s able to diffuse -tension among the Guards with his jokes, although he’s hard-as -nail and ruthless when he has to be too.

Rating: Unknown, but loving what I’ve read so far.

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