The Chief (The Highland Guard Series) by Monica McCarty


I read reviews about this book after random clicks on GoodReads, and with the raving reviews…I know I had to read this! I have to say, the first Scotland historical romance I’ve ever read was The Bride from Julie Garwood, and I fell in love with Alec and Jamie straightaway! The characters, the settings…it just makes me dream about what it’s like to travel back in time, I love them so much, I still re-read them all the time and they still hold a special place in my heart. I’ve read all of the historical romances by Julie Garwood, and was looking for similar reads when this book was brought to my attention.

 I have to say, the first quarter of the book was totally unlike Julie Garwood’s characters. Garwood’s characters typically featured male characters who are very strong physically and mentally, and right from the start you can see the journal is going to be a sweet and endearing one, although the male and female characters will still have their difficulties. But it’s very obvious that the male characters love them right from the beginning (although they don’t realize it till almost mid-book, or sometimes even up to the end of the story). But Tor in The Chief seems so dark— brooding, practical and laden with responsibilities even from the start! But I kept going though..

 Throughout the book, Christina found many ways to try to capture Tor’s love for her… she tried to make his ugly and dark keep into a warm home, bathed his dogs, did calculations for his books (as a Clan chief he had many responsibilities), even tried to make love the way he wanted it. Tor, the mighty chief was reputed ‘to have ice in his vein’, but he found himself easily distracted by his wife, Christina, and throughout the book, he’s conflicted between his duty to his clan (which he thought he had to do alone— he couldn’t afford to be soft!) and his hard-to-control tender emotions to Christina.

 Tor is such an arrogant but responsible man, I can just imagine him brooding. Hmm…I can just imagine The Rock as him, so manly! I loved the way Christina kept breaking his rigid control! Christina is a strong woman as well. I am impressed, back in those times when women are married mainly to secure alliances (I didn’t know that from Garwood’s books!), she still kept thinking of ways to get love and affection from him, instead of giving in to his harsh words. It pulls at my heart to see how they journeyed from two people who barely knew each other to lovers! And he broke her heart so many times!

 However, the formation of the Highland Guards formed a significant backdrop in the book too, which leads to me wanting to go on to read the next one in the series straightaway!

 All in all, this novel got me so hooked on the history of the Highlands that I started researching more on it…yes and started dreaming more about the warriors of the Highland (Yes The Rock!). I should snap out of it! I’ve already finished #The Viper— and I’m trying to calm myself down before reading # The Saint, since I know it’s gonna be even more heart-wrenching! I need to conserve some energy and time first! I guess I only gave it a 4 because I’ve read the Saint and The Viper, and they focused more on the personal relationships, whereas Tor’s book as mentioned, seemed to cater more contents to the Highland Guards’ trainings.

Rating: 4/5

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